Toni Guagenti grew up in land-locked Ohio, but ventured East for college where she first fell in love with the Atlantic Ocean. Eventually, a job led her to Virginia Beach where she quickly became a local—devouring the seafood, basking in sunsets and sunrises, and eventually giving birth to a daughter, a true Virginia Beach native. Guagenti still revels in the beauty of Virginia Beach and the hospitality of its people.

Virginia Beach is a city with many facets. To the south, Virginia Beach boasts beautiful landscapes, stunning water views, and a thriving farming community. To the north, tourists come in droves each year to the resort and surrounding areas, while the locals work and play here year-round. Within its borders, Virginia Beach is home of the East Coast’s Master Jet Base, Naval Air Station Oceana, and the Navy SEAL unit responsible for capturing Osama bin Laden.


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